Survival Arts Retreat 2020

Survival Arts Retreat 2020


Survival Arts Retreat 2020


Join us for a 10-day all-inclusive Sacred Survival Sisterhood Retreat and immersion in the Motherland!

This event was envisioned by Jamie Yancovitz, founder and Creator of Survival Arts with the intention to create a Sacred Space of gathering for Pinays of the diaspora, Womxn of Color/ Queer&Trans Identifying Womxn/ Indigenous and Diasporic Womxn of Color to connect to the Motherland in a deep way, and create community by sharing ancient and ancestral knowledge.

Jamie is honored to show you around her homeland, and the birthplace of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, on a warrior journey starting in Bacolod, in the Visayas region of the Philippines, traveling all the way to Siargao in Surigao del Norte, in Mindanao, and back. This is a powerful bonding experience for the Sacred Survival Sisterhood to fortify our strength and power together, by honoring the islands, our ancestors, and our metaphysical spirits. She will be inviting Elders, Guest Instructors and Healers to impart their wisdom and medicine upon us, as we work to heal the intergenerational trauma in our lineages.

We invite womxn to take part in the practice of Survival Arts Training, rooted in moving meditation, Pekiti Tirsia Kali (a revolutionary Pilipinx Fighting Arts that was of the people during times of resistance), Ancestral Connection work, AND Self-Protection and Sisterhood building. The main objective is to root us in the shifting and fortifying of minds, bodies and hearts of the womxn who arrive — in preparation of moments of resistance and survival.

Reclaim the sacred wisdom of our ancestors that has allowed us to survive and resist for thousands of years! In this unique healing and training retreat, we will work to decolonize and protect our bodies through the indigenous warrior arts of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Our healing work will encompass Ancient Pilipino practices including Hilot, massage, ancestral trance, meditation, yoga, breath work, sound healing, writing and journaling. This sacred space that we are creating is meant for QTPOC Pinays, migrant, and indigenous womxn of color throughout the diaspora to connect to our culture and warrior heritage.

One of our Healers and facilitators will be Jana Lynne Umipig, multidisciplinary artist and Ilokana healer, who will guide us through ceremonial ritual, prayer, and communion with our ancestors. Survival Arts Trainings include Edged & Impact Weapon Control Dynamics, movement and body mechanics. We ask that participants come prepared with appropriate outdoors gear, comfortable and swimming attire, and a journal for reflection work.

This is an All-Expense Paid Exclusive Retreat covering all accommodations, daily transportation, airport shuttle, training gear, and sacred exchange for training, energy and healing work. We only ask that participants bring an open mind and heart, ready to receive the gifts and blessings of the Motherland.

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