Our Vision

Knowledge of Survival.


Knowledge of survival builds self-confidence in a situation when young girls need it the most. Training builds strength and power when women are put in situations of danger. When every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, it is clear that we have no choice but to train ourselves and our girls. 

Academy of Survival Arts was established in Bacolod City, Philippines to empower women and girls against sexual assault, rape, and all forms of violence. 

Currently located in Los Angeles, California, Survival Arts teaches and shares the knowledge necessary for survival in today's ever-increasingly violent world. 

Our Sexual Assault Training Program was designed for schools and communities to protect young women from sexual misconduct and physical harm. In this course, students, faculty, and staff learn techniques to protect against violence in any situation.

My students agree that this kind of curriculum should be available in schools and communities everywhere! 

As we train families in survival skills, we work to protect the bodies of women and children against sexual assault. Our praxis is rooted in a vision where mothers are honored as creators, children are empowered to be leaders of the future, and all members of the family are trained to be warriors. 

Knowledge is power. Join the movement to make sure that all women and girls have the knowledge needed to protect themselves, and survive.


Jamie Yancovitz
Director, Educator