Success Stories

“Feeling empowered and beyond grateful to learn how to fight like my ancestors did. It felt like I stepped into their footsteps, and pulled graceful, powerful blade movements out of my DNA. Thank you, Survival Arts!”

— Alicia, Hawaii

“I feel amazing and so emotional and appreciative. I learned to find a muscle within myself that I don’t access enough, and want to practice strengthening it. I think this class is not only useful, but necessary! I would recommend it to all my friends because I want us all to be able to look out for ourselves and each other!”

— Shabina, Los Angeles

“I want to bring my mother. She would benefit from feeling powerful in her body.”

— Long Beach Student


1. Empowering.


“I feel this class has been extremely helpful, both physically and emotionally. I feel powerful and strong. I would definitely recommend it to my many femme friends who would appreciate and need it.”

— Alexis, Los Angeles

"I absolutely enjoyed learning the martial arts practiced by my ancestors. I definitely think that women of all ages should learn to be aggressive in protecting their bodies and themselves, their whole being, from the men who are decisive in doing any form of abuse and violence on women. I recognize the movement reclaiming our martial arts from the colonizers but I also acknowledge that until we are truly liberated from any form of foreign control (Ahem! US Imperialism), then we would not succeed in reclaiming our identity as the Filipino people. We would not be able to reclaim our beloved martial arts." 

— Marijo Pempeña, Gabriela Los Angeles

“I feel confident and powerful.”

— Los Angeles Student

"Thank you for teaching an empowering lesson... reclaim our bodies and communities! I look forward to more classes with you!" 

— Roxy, Los Angeles

“I feel safer and more confident, and I learned how to concentrate and use a weapon. This class was really useful and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends, because every woman has to know how to protect herself.”

— Neilya, Kazakhstan

“It felt nice to know how not to feel powerless if I’m in a choking situation again. I plan to recommend this class, as I have friends who are survivors of violence, or want to learn more to prevent it. I felt the pacing was great and very accommodating, along with the individual instruction.”

— Anonymous Student

“Empowerment is definitely something I take with me every time I train.”

— Erika, Los Angeles

"I stand with my Sixters. Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community in Alignment.
Self Determination precedes Self Preservation. 
Own your Power. 
Our Ancestors got our back.
Freedom. Movemeant. Alignment. FMA. As my warrior Sister Jamie of Academy of Survival Arts states: Ready to defeat violence!"

— Crystle Diño, Chicago

"I have never trained like that before and although I can’t compare it to anything, I still gained much more insight than any other fitness, sport, or activity I have ever engaged with. It goes beyond learning a move; it seeps into past traumatic experiences and solidifies the importance of survival arts. It helps secure any future implications I have for defending and protecting myself. It’s so empowering that it is a privilege to share it with other women. It’s more than a lifestyle; it’s a bond."

— Sherille Samson, San Diego

“It felt nice to know how not to feel powerless if I’m ever in a choking situation again.”

— Survival Arts Student


2. Effective. 


“I came across Survival Arts during Filipino American History Month. I was trying to gain some missing cultural knowledge from my heritage. The first class was challenging, but I became fascinated. Our instructor taught us the history, the significance, and the gain of practicing Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Survival Arts is Knowledge, Power, and Family, which are the most important things in life.”

— Amanda Gray, Long Beach

"The Academy of Survival Arts just hosted a seminar with Grand Tuhon Gaje last weekend. We spent the weekend learning from GT in a beautiful space in Griffith Park. Great people with great energy. I recommend this group without reservation. I was impressed by the camaraderie exhibited by everyone there. I was very impressed with the sisterhood and culture of warriorship Guro Jamie cultivates in the female practitioners in this group."

— Dr. Bryan Stoops, Los Angeles
- Senior Associate Instructor of the FMA's under Guro Inosanto
- Full Dog Brother and Instructor under PG Crafty


"I absolutely loved the class you gave GodIS. Very inspiring." 

— Estrella, Los Angeles

“Thank you for sharing this with us, Jamie. You’re a fierce exemplary warrior.”

— Rosangela, Long Beach

“Definitely sore, definitely proud!!” — Bere, Long Beach 

"Thank you Academy of Survival Arts for this event! Thankful I could attend and connect with more PTK family. Look forward to more in the future!"

— Doña Lisa Gaje Conklin, Temecula 


This was the first time for me to join the survival arts training and even after only one time, I felt stronger and after the training, I could walk outside by myself with a little more relief. While training, I got to learn to how to defend myself when someone grabs my arm, which is the most common attack. It was a very practical lesson. Also, the survival arts community itself is amazing. Martial arts is generally known as a “man’s thing,” so i think women tend to hesitate to start learning. But it’s a very good thing to do because we can exercise and at the same time, learn self-defense. I feel like women should learn this more than men to protect ourselves living in this dangerous world. We can’t find any other martial arts community for womxn like survival arts. I’ve felt very comfortable to train with this female teacher and only female students. I’d love to keep training with this community.

— Minami, Tokyo, Japan

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3. Proven.


“I feel more comfortable with my responses to attacks. I learned control of my attacks. I learned knife work and how to get out of chokes.”

— Long Beach Student

“We love you!! Thank you for the most grand warrior training!”

— Delmar, Los Angeles

“I’ve learned how to jab, get out of a choke pose, and escape hand grabs. I’ve had lots of fun both times I came to train! These skills are very useful and necessary in our community for protection of oneself and maybe someone else in need of help.”

— Nenu, Long Beach

“Thank you for everything you shared and all the good energy you bring. It was a blessing to get y’all out and get some folx (like myself) to get back to training and building stamina cause we gonna bring it! I look forward to building a strong community.”

— Juanita, South Gate

"It is about time that professionals, businessmen and women, teenage boys and girls, should learn seriously how to protect themselves; how to protect against sudden assaults, home invasions or forms of kidnapping, rape for ransom, rape with murder, thrill killings and murder under the influence of drug infestations.

Self-Preservation is the special course training offered by the Academy of Survival Arts, as well as the Instructors Candidate course under the Pekiti Tirsia Kali System."

— Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr.

“Powerful.. better than therapy yo. tlazokamatli sis.”

—Xela, Boyle Heights

“THANK YOU for such an awesome training this weekend. I feel so empowered in ways that continue to manifest as the week progresses. Gratitude and blessings! And honor to the ancestors!

— Sarah, Long Beach

“Walking in a distracted way last night, when your words from the training came to my head. And I started walking confident with a purpose, and it felt good. Thank you!!”

— Rose, Long Beach

Survival Arts Training Long Beach.jpg