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Private trainings with our Instructors all over the world are available. Trainings can range from 2-hour to 6-hour intensive sessions, 6 weeks to 12 weeks long, tailored specifically for the individual’s needs.

Since training is about building muscle memory, we train by the hours. Through one-on-one hours, students will be able to hone in on their coordination skills and tap into their warrior spirits.

Private Trainings encompass a total package of Pekiti Tirsia Kali fighting arts, personal coaching, strengthening and conditioning exercises. Through personal coaching, we help students identify their strengths and weaknesses for self-improvement, creating a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Womxn and girls of all ages will especially benefit from our program. Performing artists, athletes, yogis, martial artists, healers, and wellness specialists should take advantage of this training to complement their work. Our programs are designed to support all active lifestyles, and improve your own strength, power, and confidence.

curriculum includes:

Body Conditioning and Calisthenics

Strengthening, Fitness Plan, & Personal Nutrition

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Historical Context and Basics

Coordination, Discipline, and Speed Practice

Survival Arts Program

Email us for costs, scheduling, and more information.

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