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#MeToo Anniversary Panel — South Asian Humanists & Rationalists of America (SAHARA)

Join Survival Arts Academy as we mark the first #MeToo Anniversary with an online panel discussion hosted by South Asian Humanists and Rationalists (SAHARA), and Freethinkers. This all-women’s online panel discussion will be featuring critical thinkers and speakers from India and the US, including Survival Arts Director, Jamie Yancovitz, on the current state of the #MeToo movement and where we can go from here.

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Huffington Post — #MeToo Shows That Women Must Learn Sexual Self-Defense

“The best way to reduce female victimhood is to teach methods of prevention and self-defense. The current moment is precious, but fragile. #MeToo can be the beginning of a sustained civil rights movement to free woman from the currently pervasive threat of sexual assault” - Allen Frances, MD.

In this article published in the Huffington Post, psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances speaks with Survival Arts Director Jamie Yancovitz about the #MeToo movement and what women can do in response to sexual assault.

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